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Int'l Media Network (IMN) specializes in global VOD, OTT, FAST, and broadcast distribution, leveraging a catalog consisting of thousands of hours of content from over two-dozen subsidiary studios and hundreds of individual filmmakers










The International Media Network provides hundreds of new release films to various outlets around the globe including Roku, Hulu, Showtime, TubiTV, Peacock, Indemand, DirectTV, and many MORE!

The Invoking

When Samantha visits her ancestral home horrifying memories of her forgotten past begin to seep back to the surface.

Sherlock Holmes
Unravel The Mystery

The game is afoot! Sherlock Holmes: Unravel The Mystery is a new documentary holiding up a magnifying glass to Sherlock and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's incredible journey.



Boonie Bears

Boonie Bears Forest Frenzy follows a family of bears who fend off a crazed logger to prevent the destruction of their beloved forest. Join the fun and comedy in Boonie Bears Forest Frenzy! 

Our Channels

IMN is launching over 35 live and VOD channels across multiple platforms including Roku, Amazon and Android.

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